17Microsoft Arc Keyboard

Microsoft Arc Keyboard

microsoft arc keyboardIt’s just arrived, and this is the first time I’ve used it. Installation was quick and painless – plug in the tiny (ultra tiny) USB receiver, insert the two batteries and you’re good to go.
First thoughts, it looks fantastic! It’s so much more appealing than my previous Logitech keyboard which although it did the job it was time that I moved to a wireless one. The Microsoft Arc keyboard is considerably smaller than the typical desktop keyboard but that’s because it’s been built for portability. In fact, in the box there’s a sleeve/pouch sort-of-thing for keeping the keyboard safe whilst on the move.

The only downside I’ve come across so far, and I noticed this within seconds of turning it on is that there is no caps lock indicator which means there’s no at a glance way of immediately knowing you’ve got caps lock on or not. Bit of a pain, but not the end of the world.

So, so far I would recommend the Microsoft Arc keyboard if you’re looking to buy a new one! I’ve also ordered the Microsoft Arc mouse so that should hopefully turn up in a day or two.