3I want an iPad

I want an iPad

Apple iPadWhen they were came out over in America I wasn’t all that interested in the ‘revolutionary’ iPad. It seemed to just be a bigger iPod – something which I definitely don’t need. The other day however I got my hands on one and I have to say that I love it. It’s just brilliant! I’m already an iPhone owner so this whole touch interface is nothing new to me but I still found the iPad to be a great experience.

I didn’t have much time with it but did get to try a couple of apps and one or two games. I found that gaming on the iPad was great fun – particularly full on racing games. To be honest it’s the gaming element and of course the chance of being able to browse the web lazily from anywhere in the house without a great big laptop that’s making me want one the most.

Sadly though the iPad comes with quite a hefty price tag – £429 for the base model… which sucks! If this had been around the £300 mark I’d already have one by now but parting with that amount of money for something which is essentially a bigger version of my iPhone is a tough decision. For now, I’m not going to get one regardless of how much I want one. But let’s just see how long that lasts :P